Cooking diary #1 – Bread and Other Stuffs

Numbering, because I like neat-ness.

And hope that more will be coming but who knows.

I’m not supposed to write this but something else right now, but, well, ya, ha ha ha. Whatever.

So, I’ve meant to write this so-called “cooking diary” for sometimes but haven’t actually felt really like to. Today, thanks to a certain somebody(s) that my mood was lift up dramatically (notice the improvement in English?). Ya know, so good old life isn’t all that boring after all, especially when out of the blue you’re given the antagonist role in a drama, without your knowing. Petty stuffs actually, but purely amusing and interesting when things start getting too quiet. Not that I care.

Oh no, I did care, since I’m talking about that right now!

Nah. Only for the “amusing” part.

Anyway, back to the real topic: cooking! Yeah! So what I’m making right now? It’s bread! (FYI, I just skimmed through Yakitatte! Japan again and learnt some good stuffs in there).

Why bread?

Just for fun. It takes less ingredient than cakes and it’s a staple food, so it can be eaten instead of rice (so I don’t have to wonder who’ll gonna finish the screw-up for me). I’m trying out something call “soft bread” baked in a round pan. Because it looks cute.

And tastes nothing especially. Honestly I don’t really know how the taste is supposed to turn out, ha ha, but MY bread tastes just “off”. The first one was too hard and dry (probably because of lots of yeast, the bread reeked of yeast when I just came out of the oven). The second one was soft and all, but the taste wasn’t there, and the moment I bite it, it sucked all my saliva. So in one sense or another, it was also “dry” (guess I underbaked this time).

Will try that again. Not because I believe it will make a good bread (like I did believe in the chocolate cake) but because IT LOOKS CUTE! At least I have to make something that tastes well like it looks! Cuteness rules!

And here I behold!!!!!!!!!!! THE CUP BREAD!!!!!

No, it’s not the actual bread. Just left over dough baked in a flan cup.

Also, contrary to popular belief, the bread doesn’t taste good the moment it leaves the oven. Still being cooked from inside, so you have to wait for at least 40 minutes.

That’s enough of bread ranting. Let’s move to other stuffs.

What’s other stuffs?

I pretty much forget about other stuffs after the cooking hype kicks in, changes some hormone flow and turns me into something that I don’t know what to call.

Do you want to hear about the bottle of vanilla extract that I’m hugging right now?! The very thing I hold on to day and night just like how I held on my chosen piggy bank back when I was six (bad habit dies hard, good habit dies harder).

I think not. Maybe next time…

Last but not least, recently I just remembered that back in elementary school, my favorite books were “cô tiên xanh”, “nhị thập tứ hiếu”, “Thoại Khanh – Châu Tuấn”, “Lưu Bình – Dương Lễ” and the likes (something I totally forgot). Now that all makes sense…

No baking (or so I hope) until next week, after I finish the very thing that I need to write right now instead of these silly words or someone will have my @$$!

So long.

Cooking diary #1 – Bread and Other Stuffs

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