Cooking diary #2 – Birthday Cake and Another Chocolate Case

Okay, I didn’t keep my promise of not baking until next week. Today is my friend’s birthday and I said I would bake him a cake.

Actually, I did three, not one.

The first one was done yesterday’s night. Not enough love (or actually, too much whisking), so the cake didn’t rise to my preference. Scrap that. Also, I did change a bit of flour for cocoa powder, but in the end it was too little cocoa powder so the cake didn’t turn brown. Instead, it turned greenish gray and looked completely like mold. Eww. Sorry, no picture.

The second one was today’s noon. Love did help it rise nice and high and wonderfully (whisking was just right). But love was so young that after the cake reached its peak, it deflated (baked for too short time). And because it was young, it reeked of egg and made a mess after taken out of the pan because I tried greasing it instead of lining with parchment paper. Fine. I and mom and dad can eat that.

The third one was just some hours ago. This time I lined the side, but not the bottom (too much hassle of cutting a round circle; no, lining pan is no longer my favourite). It didn’t rise as good as the second one (love got old, or a little too much whisking this time) and it didn’t get out of the pan. In the end, I managed to pull it out, making a big hole in the middle. Luckily, it was all paddle up well and unnoticed, or so I hope.

That certainly discouraged me already. I MADE THREE CAKES AND NONE TURNED OUT AS GOOD AS I WANTED. But again, keep your cool (I kept mine). I went out to buy some stuffs to making the frosting.

Chocolate buttercream frosting, how nice is that?

Not nice actually.

On the way, I got caught in a little “storm”. The wind whipped mercilessly, throwing dust to my face and throwing me and my bike to the side (not really, but almost). By the time I got to the store I was completely soaked. That was fine. This high and mighty me feared no rain and minded no dust on over her face.

Now all good and set. Let’s make some chocolate butter-cream frosting. Easy recipe. Never done it before but it should be fine. I have all necessary ingredent readily to be merged into a smooth creamy browny mixture.

As if.

I’ll spare the description of how it actually turned out. But I could say that it was nothing smooth and creamy and browny”. No.

I’m sorry you guys (who actually ate the cake), but I did try my best. Three times.

(If my brother sees this, I bet his reaction will be just like the last time he saw my chocolate cake: “What the shit is this?!”)

“Whatever”? When I asked my friend “What should I write on the cake” and he said “Whatever”. As you wish.

Now, all of this stuff certainly reminded me of a certain birthday present I made last year, around this time too. Three times did I try, but in the end it didn’t make to the life and got thrown to the basket, together with my heartfelt intention. Is there a curse bestowed upon me? Or is God trying to test my love and see how far I would go to make gifts for my loved ones?


Now I have to think thrice before attempting to make any more birthday presents. As simple as it is, it’s just so hard to get the message across a medium.

Anyway, happy birthday to my friend. We’re divorced now and let’s wish in your next marriage you’ll play the role of husband.

From me with a cake and love.

Cooking diary #2 – Birthday Cake and Another Chocolate Case

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