Cooking diary #3 – Bread and Science

We’re having too much of bread, are we not? But fear not, because today I finally finalized the first bread recipe! Cheers!

(I have to admit that sometimes I feel quite silly talking as if there are a lot of people listening to while in fact there is none.)

Recently I’m more into baking than cooking. Cooking was the original intention of this blog (and cooking without big fuss it was). Believe me, I never wanted to do baking. I don’t have sweet tooth. But things just came naturally. I intended to write simple recipes that even I (someone who never cooked before) can cook easily. Food with no fuss. Although apparently I’ve made some fuss myself.

There’s a line that says: “If cooking is an art, then baking is a science.” Cooking is quite emotional, while baking relies on the cool definite ratio between ingredients. Thinking back, it was pancake that lead me down this road of “cooking” and I experimented quite a lot to finalize my pancake recipe. In a sense, pancake is more a bread than a cake.

I had been making the same bread over and over again (this was my fifth try), changing the amount of ingredients and making method to find the best taste. Unlike cake, bread is flavoured with little salt and sugar. A tiny change in the quantity could affect the taste greatly. Practice rewarded. I’m happy that I finally arrive at a recipe that satisfies me.

I made nine buns, and ate three of them already. Recipe has to wait until next batch. Right now I’m thinking what to do next. I want to make baguette, challah and pizza. Tomorrow there will be swiss-roll with custard cream. The cream is happily ready in my fridge already.

If you ask me, this is the least interesting entry I’ve ever written. Because I’m so sleepy now and all words escaped me thoroughly.


Cooking diary #3 – Bread and Science

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