Cooking diary #5 – More Failed Cakes

So, uhm, hello there, long time no see. Or I should say: no one to see.

It seems that after awhile, I finally get bored at cooking. Do I? Yeah, to some extents. There are many reasons for this, one of which is short of cash. Everything costs, even for a simple hobby. Sigh.

Not that I’ve been looting around doing nothing, really. Quite the contrary. After more than twenty years of just eating, I finally get used to preparing meals daily. It has become a regular task every evening so that I don’t see feel the need to “invent” new savory dishes. That sounds a bit confusing, I know, whatever.

Like I said before, my current challenge is red velvet cake. The cake itself is quite easily my most delicious cake to date, can’t wait to write down the recipe for that. However, I still can’t get the cream-cheese frosting right. And honestly, I don’t dare to experiment too much because the ingredients COST A FORTUNE!

The first time I tried red velvet, I only made the cake. Wanted to make sure that the cake turned out alright before messing around with the frosting. It tasted great. I did put a little too much salt but I somehow liked the salty flavour. Actually I baked this cake just to get rid of a box of ice-cream.

Quite confidently, I did another red velvet, this time with cream-cheese frosting. The original recipes called for either sour-cream or whipping cream, none of which was available at the time. So I creatively substituted yogurt into the recipe (just like how I’ve been substituting yogurt for buttermilk in my chocolate cakes)! Well, who could have known that a 5K box of yogurt could completely dominate the flavour of half 140K bar of cream-cheese and half 70K box of Mascarpone cheese. Complete fail. I only tasted yogurt in the frosting.

Frankly it was not a straight-to-the-bin cake but it was certainly not a eat-me-now one either. I managed to get rid of it after six days. Eww.

And the latest failure was today’s sponge cake. I was feeling cranky so I decided to bake something. There was not enough butter in the fridge so I couldn’t make another red velvet and had to resort to sponge cake instead. But because I was too lazy to line the pan, I turned to make a Swiss-roll, intended with custard cream.

After throwing the pan into the oven, I turned to break an egg, put on some flour and sugar, and looked for milk to make the custard cream. Then I found out that I ran out of milk as well. So again, I creatively substituted water for milk, cooked the mixture, smelled it, and sent it straight to the bin. Gross.

I was left with a flat sponge cake with no filling. In a spur moment, I cut it into square pieces and paired it with the left-over ice-cream that had been sitting forever in the freezer. The two things went together beautifully, thanks God!

Now I’m practically out of everything. Eggs, milk, sugar and butter. I might also need a proper ice-cream scoop because mine has been ruining the photos longer than it should. Sigh.


And welcome November. Brother’s home today.

Off to bed now.

Cooking diary #5 – More Failed Cakes

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