Cooking diary #7 – The Incomplete

Flood of cooking diary entries only means one thing: I haven’t finalized any more recipe yet. So today I’ll just go over what’s been cooked and baked to no absolute success in my kitchen.

First up is roasted chicken legs. I got to taste roasted whole chicken at a friend house and loved the flavor (Western style, with various types of herbs, olive oil, little salt, no MSG) so I tried to recreate my version.

That’s one pretty picture, but I’m not so sure about the taste. Completely honestly, it was okay. The flavour was not strong but that’s how it was supposed to be. As far as I know, Western flavouring is very mild. The thing is, it didn’t go well with either rice or bread. But well, don’t worry, I’ll try it again.

The next incomplete one is another red velvet. Last week, I was fully prepared to tackle on cream-cheese frosting again, only to be upstaged by the fact that cream-cheese was sold out during Christmas. So I made red velvet cake with Swiss meringue buttercream. What the hell is “Swiss meringue buttercream” will be answered soon (I hope) after I test the recipe one more time.

In the mean time, here’s the naked red velvet, so vulnerable without a coat of cream-cheese.

The last thing that just came out from my kitchen was another batch of choux. This one is not incomplete, but I just want to show the picture because I made this batch with an expensive tip I bought weeks ago. Quite happy with it. At least it’s worth the money.

And that concludes today’s cooking diary. Quite a boring entry (except for the photos) I know. Sorry. Bad mood, but not so bad that I can ramble in a completely psycho voice. Bleh.

Cooking diary #7 – The Incomplete

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