Cooking diary #8 – New Flan Cups and err… Long Time No See

Well, well, well, long time no see, long time no cooking, and long time whatever. My last entry was in May 1, and today is already July 21, making it almost three months without writing anything new. Not completely my fault. Honestly. We in Vietnam here can no longer access WordPress officially (strangely enough, the restriction is only effective against the main blog, as I can still access Dashboard without any problem). On the other hand, I must admit that I haven’t made anything (left alone anything NEW) these past three months, except yogurt.

Why yogurt? Because last time I went donating blood (in March), I got six cans of condensed milk as part of the compensation. I has no use of condensed milk except for making yogurt, so I had to use them all up. Too bad all the batches I made did not turn out well. Maybe it was because of the milk, or the starter, or me, or whatever. Still edible, but they were all quite thin, and too sweet. I hardly touched any of them, and let my parents do the job of finishing them off (much to their joy actually, they didn’t seem to mind the thin and sweet yogurt).

Now, to the new flan cups. I’ve been using the aluminium cups which costed 2,500VND each. They work okay, but they got oxidization (or whatever). It actually didn’t affect the pudding much (or so I thought), but I thought they didn’t look quite presentable when I wanted to give them to somebody else. So I went out to look for stainless-steel cups, and got them at Maximark for 14,800VND each. That’s expensive so I hope that the oxidization or whatever it is does not attack these new babies (as it will indirectly hit my already fragile wallet). As a bonus, the recipe fills 10 cups perfectly and my oven also embraces them perfectly.

And the actual pudding. Admittedly, this is not the prettiest flan I’ve ever made. I got lazy with the whole food styling too. But you got the demonstration. Also, for some mysterious reasons, I got varied results whenever I make flan. I don’t know if it’s the oven (I have the feeling that my oven’s temperature is unstable), the milk, the eggs, or whatever I don’t know. Sometimes they’re done at 35 minutes perfectly, sometimes they aren’t. This time I think I under-baked them a little bit.

BTW, tomorrow is Nước Mắm Ớt’s one year anniversary. I wrote the first post in July 22, 2011. Time sure flies. I promise a birthday post tomorrow (but not necessarily food-related).

Cooking diary #8 – New Flan Cups and err… Long Time No See

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