Well, here’s the birthday post as promised. Unfortunately, this won’t go long as I’m currently dead tired. I didn’t sleep much last night and spent the whole day running around the Flea Market with my friends. The result? Brain malfunctioned. Can think of nothing.

I intended to make pancake to celebrate Nước Mắm Ớt’s first anniversary, considering that the first post was pancake recipe. Too bad I couldn’t due to certain circumstances.

Then maybe some thoughts about the journey so far? Not much actually. I originally intended this to be just my online recipe book (you know, typing is much faster than writing, and I can come back and edit things I want, plus I can add photos, and can link the posts together, etc.). So it is a pleasant surprise to see the place have some visitors (10,455 hits as I am writing this) and even some followers. At least I hope you find something useful.

Since the pancake plan is trashed, I then turn to present you some stuffs I’ve been using for cooking and baking, as they are the only things I could think of to share right now.

First is the fridge. Recently we got a three-door fridge-freezer so I got to have the middle compartment mostly for myself. Used to store diary products such as milk, cream, butter, yogurt, cheese, etc. My dad put his beers here too.

Next is the kitchen cabinet. Here’s for dry food such as flour, seasonings, rising agents, food colours, etc. The red box is where I store most of my stuffs. There are currently two bags of red beans and mung beans, ready for dorayaki and pastry dumpling (bánh quai vạt).

And last is the cabinet under the stair case, where I store some of my tools and my mom’s glassware. The two bottles at the bottom are vanilla extract, one made from vodka and one made from Bau Da wine. You can also see a box of Hershey cocoa on the top shelve.

And that’s for this year. Off to watch The Voice now. I’m wondering what I’m going to show next year…