Cooking diary #9 – Food on a Blazing Hot Day

It’s been a really long time. Like, eight months?!

I must admit that the only reason to have this entry is because I want to write in English. As English is not my mother tongue, I either keep using it or I forget the language. I don’t get to speak or write a lot of English at work, and my hobby of ranting in English on Facebook disappeared mysteriously. So yeah, here it is, just to know that English is still here with me. English. English!

These days I don’t cook frequently anymore. I got a full time job now and got lazy. I occasionally made flan and choux, with the latter being off the list now as I broke the pastry bag some months ago and haven’t bought a new one. Flan is the love. Easy to make, with just eggs and milk (I don’t have to stock up butter, flour or anything), easy to clean up, and everybody loves it.

Here’s a giant flan for demonstration.

I once had the chance to taste this “drink” at a café: grass jelly (sương sáo) mixed with sweet basil seed (hạt é) and topped up with a scope of coconut ice-cream. Delicious! Grass jelly with sweet basil seed is nothing uncommon, but adding coconut ice-cream to the mixture is something I’ve never seen before. Strangely that three of them goes so well together, despite the fact that I’m not a fan of coconut ice-cream.

So today, on the last day of long March, blazing hot and alone at home, I attempted to re-create the drink. Unfortunately, the finally product was very ugly, so I just took some photos of the ingredients instead. Top is grass jelly and bottom is sweet basil seed.

Then, as I was home alone, and there were left-over stuffs in the fridge (namely a bow of cooked rice from some days ago, an egg, a piece of cold-cut (chả lụa) and dried shirmps). So I gathered things up and made the fried rice.

And that’s it for today. I’ll see you in, well, who knows, maybe next year!

Cooking diary #9 – Food on a Blazing Hot Day

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